Thrill of the Hunt

The Little Women spent Easter Eve (okay, so maybe that’s not the real name) on the trail of the Easter Bunny and its coveted Easter eggs. This consisted of scouring the front yard for little plastic nuggets of goodness.  Each of these had a piece of candy and a piece of a jigsaw puzzle that showed where the Easter baskets were hidden. The puzzle was harder than expected, but it all worked out in the end.


A package arrived at the home of the Little Women yesterday, which could mean only one thing: it was time for a new craft project. Clara soon had a clear vision and knew she had to create the finest automobile ever to be made from a cardboard box. Nicolyn assisted with some of the details.

Pardon Our Dust

Two weeks ago the long-awaited basement remodel commenced in the Palace of the Little Women (a.k.a. Schloss Mädchenlein).  This is a down-to-the-studs remodel that should improve the utility and appearance of the basement by several orders of magnitude.  More photos will come later.

Visiting Old Things and the Grandparents

(The title of this post may seem redundant, but it’s not.)

Clara and Nicolyn will tell you that the three biggest holidays of the year are (in order) Christmas, their birthday, and visiting their grandparents in Utah.  The last of these commands particular preparation from them.  For example, Clara begs to start packing her things for the summer trip months in advance, and all of the girls start making gifts for their grandparents in the spring.  All of the Little Women agreed that this year’s trip (in July) was worth the wait.  Along with annual traditions like Aunt Autumn’s Nail Salon, they visited a cave in Idaho and an Oregon Trail museum.

They also drove to eastern Utah, where Dinosaur National Monument straddles the Utah-Colorado border.  There they saw and touched dinosaur fossils that were millions of years old.

While in the area, they also visited the McConkie ranch, which is famous for its collection of petroglyphs created by the Fremont Native Americans.  But these were at most 2000 years old, so they couldn’t really compare with the dinosaur bones.

Annika with a Petroglyph

The Little Women Enjoy Raspberry Shakes at Bear Lake with Their


More photos are here and here.

Digging for Fun

Clara and Nicolyn ended July by attending the annual Amazon picnic with Jonathan. This is an event that has become an official Big Deal among the Little Women. This year’s attractions included digging for dinosaur bones (well, little plastic dinosaurs), along with the usual bouncy houses, junk food, balloons, and live entertainment.

Digging for Dinosaurs