Thrill of the Hunt

The Little Women spent Easter Eve (okay, so maybe that’s not the real name) on the trail of the Easter Bunny and its coveted Easter eggs. This consisted of scouring the front yard for little plastic nuggets of goodness.  Each of these had a piece of candy and a piece of a jigsaw puzzle that showed where the Easter baskets were hidden. The puzzle was harder than expected, but it all worked out in the end.


A package arrived at the home of the Little Women yesterday, which could mean only one thing: it was time for a new craft project. Clara soon had a clear vision and knew she had to create the finest automobile ever to be made from a cardboard box. Nicolyn assisted with some of the details.

Pardon Our Dust

Two weeks ago the long-awaited basement remodel commenced in the Palace of the Little Women (a.k.a. Schloss Mädchenlein).  This is a down-to-the-studs remodel that should improve the utility and appearance of the basement by several orders of magnitude.  More photos will come later.